genre assignment

ECU Honors College Blog

Purpose- encourage rising freshman to apply for the honors college

Audience- rising freshman

Context- why this student likes the honors college, including personal thoughts, along with what the honors college entails, which includes the details of the honors college

Structure- 5 medium sized paragraphs into an essay

UB Honors College Blog

Purpose- the student realized how much time she spent with technology and informs the audience of how absorbed our generation is in technology

Audience- college students

Context- this students discusses how much time she spends using technology, relates it to how much time all college students use technology, and gives us a method for reducing our time spent on technology

Structure- 4 paragraph essay

Harvard College Student Blog

Purpose- inform other college students of what she did over the summer and how she feels about the new semester of college

Audience- college students

Context-the student discusses her volunteer work, job, and fun events she participated in over the summer as well as her excitements and nerves for what is to come in the next semester

Structure- multiple paragraphs formed into a fairly long essay 


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